Stopher Construction, LLC can help you add more character and detail to your home through the addition of custom trim and mouldings. Call us today for a free consultation 907-321-2350. 

Base Moulding

Custom Trim - Window and Door CasingAdding a custom base moulding can be a great enhancement to any home. With a strong background in woodworking, Stopher Construction, LLC can work with you to design a baseboard moulding that complements your style and your home. 

Window and Door Casing 

Window and door casing can be elaborate or can remain quite simple. Stopher Construction can help you to match the style of your home whether going for a classical, craftsman, or a simple look.   

Paneled Walls and Wainscoting  

A great way to remodel a room or change the look of a room is to add paneled walls or wainscoting. A four-foot high paneled wall in a small powder room can change the entire feel of the room. Paneled walls can add a classical or craftsman look that can set a room apart from other rooms. 

Crown Moulding 

When adding custom trim, crown moulding tends to get the most response when people enter a room. We can work with you to design crown moulding that is right for you. Crown moulding can enhance many details in a home including walls, cabinets, bookcases, and built-in cabinets. 

Ceilings - Coffered, Tray and Beams

Custom Trim - Coffered Ceiling with Crown MouldingCeilings can be treated with custom trim, mouldings, and beams. Coffered ceilings are created with beams and mouldings in a geometric shape to define an area. Coffered ceilings can define a room to set it apart from other rooms even if there are no walls to define the area. They can give a room a formal look but can also be used in a family room to break up an expansive ceiling. A tray ceiling added to a room with a low ceiling will give a perception of more height or grandness. Ceilings can also be enhanced with the addition of beams. Stopher Construction, LLC will work with you to determine the best type of ceiling for your space.